FHCSA Membership Agreement

I commit to membership in the Forest Hills Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program for the 2018 harvest season, which lasts for 25 weeks.

The Shares

  • I agree that while Golden Earthworm Organic Farm and Briermere Farm will act in good faith to provide fresh produce, there is no guarantee of quantities or contents of shares. I understand and accept that I share both the risks and the benefits of the harvest, and as such, can not be guaranteed any specific vegetable or fruit as part of my share.
  • I understand that all vegetable boxes delivered in a given week are the same, or as close to the same as possible.

Member Responsibilities

  •  I understand that it is my responsibility to read the Members’ Handbook in its entirety before the season begins, so that I understand how distribution and the CSA works. The Members’ Handbook will be emailed before the season starts.
  •  I understand that it is my responsibility to attend the pre-season meeting (if I have never done so in the past). The dates of the meetings will be emailed some time in April.
  • I understand that this is an all-volunteer CSA and it is my responsibility to sign up for volunteer slots on SignUpGenius or arrange for other approved duties. I will sign up for 3 hours within one week of completing my contract, and will sign up for the balance in the spring, when emailed. The total volunteer hours will probably be 6 hours, but may be less or more, as needed.
  • If I choose non-distribution volunteering, I will email FHCSAvolunteers@foresthillscsa.com and make a detailed proposal to the core group within one week of signing-up for my share.  If I do not do so, I understand that it will be assumed that I wish to volunteer at the distribution site and can make the scheduled times.
  • I understand that if I split a share, one member needs to pick up the whole share (half of a share can not be kept at distribution) and that volunteering requirements are the responsibility of all adult members who split the share.
  • I understand that I may have a friend or relative pick up my share if I can not make it, and I will explain to them what they need to know to pick up my share(s)
  • I understand that if I do not pick up my share during distribution it will be donated appropriately; I do not expect to have my share saved.
  • I agree to keep my membership account information up to date and to promptly notify info@foresthillscsa.com of any changes.
  • I understand that the CSA’s primary means of communication is via email, and I will read FHCSA emails and respond appropriately.
  • If I sign up for a low or middle income share, my family/ies truthfully meet/s the income guidelines.
  • I understand that I am only a member once my full payment is received.

Payments, Refunds & Cancellations

  • Requests for refunds by a member prior to the first day of the CSA harvest season will be issued a full refund less a $15.00 administrative processing fee.
  • Cancellation by the farm during this period will dictate a full refund to the member for the share price paid.
  • From the first day of the CSA harvest season on, we can not refund your share as we have already paid our farmers and we are counting on your volunteering. The Core Group will try to help you find someone from our wait-list who would buy your share. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to sell your share, if you desire, and to notify the Core Group of the new CSA member(s).
  • Cancellation by the farm during the season will dictate a pro-rated refund to the member for the remaining weeks of unclaimed produce.
  • A $15.00 fee will apply to all returned checks.

Thank you!






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