Week 16- What’s in the box?

Good morning this weeks bounty is the following:  Corn  Collards  Tomatoes  Potato Kohlrabi  Sugar pumpkin  Carrots  Thank you  Lizbeth Angel

Week 14- What’s in the box?

Good morning, this weeks inventory is: Watermelon  Collards  Tomato Corn  Kabucha squash Lettuce   Onion 

Week 11- What’s in the box?

Corn  Butternut squash  Tomato Eggplant  Lemon verbena  Lettuce Cantaloupe Note from Angel Family Farm: Some shares may have gotten a Purslane green substitution. Please know we try our absolute best to try to give everyone the same thing.

Week 7- What’s in the box?

A note from our friends at Angel Family Farm This week’s inventory is CornZucchiniOnionsLettuceCucumberPotatoesParsley This is an “A” week if you have a half share.

Week 6- What’s in the box?

I hope you are all getting ready for the heat wave! This weeks inventory is  Zucchini  Purslane  Kale  Papalo  Lettuce  Radish  Carrots  Thank you , Lizbeth Angel Angel Family Farm


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