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5 thoughts on “Get on our Mailing List

  1. Hi Josh,

    We did have the link up on March 1st, and filled up in a few hours that morning. When we were full we took the link down and added this notice about other Queens CSAs that are open. This spring, we will put up the link for the mailing list for the 2013 application. We are sorry you missed becoming a FHCSA member this season. We were amazed at how quickly we filled up, and are delighted by the increasing interest in CSAs in Queens over the past few years. There are more and more CSAs in Queens every year. Do join one!


  2. Hi,

    Do you sell to nonmembers if you have extra produce left over after all of the members have picked up their shares? Do you ever run into cases like that? If so, how can I find out about it and when/where to pick up?



    1. Hi Lena,
      We donate the surplus foods (items that have not been picked up for any reason) to a local food shelter. If you are interested in a share, or a possible opportunity to split a share, please email From time to time, members are not able to continue with the CSA and look for someone to take over or split the share. Also, I would suggest joining our Facebook group ( to see if there are any opportunities that members bring up in case they can’t pick up a particular week.


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