Hurricane Recipes

As part of a CSA, we are lucky that during the CSA season, we don’t lack for veggies.  While everyone is running to the store to stock up when a hurricane is heading our way, with a well-stocked pantry, we can just relax at home and know that we’ll be okay.  We can eat our veggies fresh, or throw a few things together that will be delicious even eaten cold or unheated.

With the recent spate of tomatoes in our shares (love!), a quick gazpacho can be whipped up.  There are many ways to make this, but at its basic, it is blended tomatoes with herbs to liven it up.  Add onions, garlic, or whatever you’d like to give it zing.

Alternatively, try using some tomatoes to make a salsa or pico de gallo to eat with chips – which are a great pantry staple!

Use your imagination – broth-based soups are very friendly to being eaten at room temperature, and of course there are salads.  You can prep any veggie ahead of time (sauteed kale, spinach) and just eat that straight from the container, cold.

What did you eat during the “hurricane”?  Share in comments!

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