Don’t Forget: Our City Is the Ultimate Classroom

Let’s face it.  September is a hard month to plan any serious outings but it is definitely NOT time to begin hibernation!  The weather in NYC during September is divine and all the tourists have scampered home so why not plan a few fantastic weekend adventures?  Plus, there is always something new to learn in NYC.  Here are a few options that may appeal to all the family members.

*Brush Up on Your Baseball…Yankees, Mets, Cyclones….with so many teams to choose from how can anyone skip seeing a fall game? What could be better than sitting in the September evening air with your fellow NYers cheering for the home team?   (Not to mention Citi Field has its own Blue Smoke!)

(Photo from Mets website.)

*San Gennaro Festival in Little Italy, September 15-25.  Zepolies! Sausages!  Cannolis! Oh my!   It is a great time to get outside and enjoy amazing Italian food and culture and maybe learn a little street Italiano.



*After gorging yourself on way too many Italian goodies….no one is judging…a little walk in a field may be just what you need.  If so, head on over to the city’s one and only historical farm,  Queens County Farm Museum, and its corn maze. September 17-October 30.


(Photo from Queens County Farm Museum Website.)

The maze is free except if you go on special events days.  But if you want to double your fun and learn some Irish and German cultural music, gobble some farm grown goodies, and get to see and buy tons of local arts and crafts,  go to the farm on
September 17 & 18 for the Annual County Fair, $8 for adults and $5 for kids.


*Maybe being submerged in corn is just not enough botanical fun for you.  Head upstate for some fantastic apple picking and teach the wee ones all the local varieties.  I recommend Masker’s, about an hour north, for a great day of apple overload.

(Photo from Masker’s Farm website.)

Admission to the farm is free , as is parking. You just pay for the apples and cider.

$24.95 per 1/2 bushel bag (approximately 20 pounds) – the best apples at the best price!

Cider: $2.95/jug

No matter how you choose to jump into the Fall, don’t forget to get out there and enjoy great events unique to our city and each of our fantastic seasons.  Just because the school bells are ringing doesn’t mean the outdoor classes are over!

Happy Fall Everyone!


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