Long Island Fleece and Fiber Fair

Saturday & Sunday, May 19th & 20th, 10 AM to 5 PM

6038 Sound Avenue, Riverhead

The Long Island Fleece and Fiber Fair is the first of its kind on Long Island!

The fair is sponsored by the Hallockville Museum Farm and the Long Island Livestock Company (which is run by Tabbethia Haubold, the sheep-shearer for our farm, Golden Earthworm Organic Farm).

Stay the day and attend a workshop, have lunch, and visit their good friends at the Martha Clara Vineyard across the street.

Schedule of Events

Animal Displays-meet the sheep, llamas, alpacas, and angora rabbits that provide the fleece and fiber used by fiber artists!

Sheep Herding-watch a fascinating display of working dogs herding sheep on Hallockville’s historic fields!

Llama Obstacle Course- watch an exhibition of animal footwork!

Sheep & Llama Shearing- learn how fiber is harvested during informative demonstrations by an expert shearer!

Carding-see raw fiber being de-tangled and “teased” apart!

Dyeing-learn how dyes transform fleece and wool into colorful fiber!

Spinning- watch how spinners and their wheels turn fiber into spun yarn!

Knitting- learn the basics of how to knit your own finished pieces!

Felting- see how you can create your own fiber art pieces using this interesting technique!

Weaving- see the Hallockville looms in action turning fiber into cloth!

$5 per adult and children under 12 are free.

All proceeds support the educational mission of the museum farm.

Additional information can be obtained by calling the Hallockville office at 631-298-5292 or e-mail hallockv@optonline.net

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