Start July with a Bang

When many people think of the summer, they often think of long, hot drives to the beach where they will fill up buckets of sand and empty out their wallets. It doesn’t have to be so, my fellow New Yorkers.  Fighting for a square of sand is not the only way to enjoy summer. July in the boroughs offers so many terrific ways to celebrate in the great outdoors: fireworks, music, dance, art, and sports!  The best part, besides being able to bring your own delicious picnics packed with CSA goodies, and not having to stare at someone’s bumper for two hours,  is the price.  Freeeeeeeeee!

There are so many summer events  to choose from that I will highlight just a few of the great websites and events out there that will help you get to just the right bit of great outdoors for you.

Let’s start things off with a bang!
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Ignite the Night: No July would be complete without a little fireworks.  Macy’s 4th of July Show will be on the Hudson river, not the traditional East River location. You will have to hop the train to Manhattan’s west side to catch a peek. Find any spot with a Hudson  river view below 59th street and you can’t go wrong.  The show is predicted to start around 9:20 and usually lasts about 1/2 an hour.


City Parks Foundation website is a great website for finding free entertainment in your local park through their Summerstage program.  The site allows you to search for events by a specific park, a specific borough, or the entire city.  I guarantee you will find something each and every weekend that will keep your body active and your wallet full.

A few Summerstage highlights are free golf, dance performances, music performances of a dozen different varieties, plays, celebrity talks, and so much more.  Don’t miss out.  Most are free and first come- first serve in terms of getting a seat close to the stage.


River to River runs from mid June to mid July in lower Manhattan.  They run every Sunday and run all day.  You will see a dozen different artists and performers all in one location.  It is really a fantastic way to spend the day outdoors enjoying NYC’s amazingly diverse art culture.

Photo Credit:  The Grand Continental Line Dancing

*Keep in mind that the great added bonus is that all of these events occur in our parks. Meaning, you can bring your bikes, your skates, your sneakers, and your Frisbee and get moving in between those picnic breaks.*


I hope I have given you quite a bit to look forward to this summer. Explore your parks and save your money for copious piles of organic berries!

Enjoy your July!



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