November Returns

People are drawn to NYC for many reasons.  Some of us love the doing anything anytime of it, others are enthralled with the fabulous array of arts, some the cultural diversity, and then of course, there are the foodies.  For whatever makes you call this place home, you do so with love.  Now it is time to show that love.

This month, in light of everything that has happened to our city, I decided to do something a little different. Instead of simply focusing on fun and exciting things we can do in our great city, I decided to focus on great things we can do FOR our great city.

There is no shortage of groups that could use your help. So let’s get out there and show them exactly why we are the greatest city in the world.



City Harvest is a fantastic organization that rescues food headed for the dumpster and redistributes it to the city’s neediest.  They are inconstant need of donations and volunteers, but now their services are an all time high demand. Visit their website to see how to give both your time and money.

food bank

The Food Bank of NY is another fantastic place to spend your efforts feeding all of those in need this year. The Food Bank does more than hand out food.  They offer assistance in helping families get the food benefits they need and nutritional education. They are taking a holistic approach to stamping out hunger in our city.  Visit their site to see how you can help.


We all know all the great things the Red Cross does.  Medical care, housing, food relief, you name it and they are there.  Unfortunately, they never have enough supplies, money or volunteers.  Consider organizing a fundraiser in your office, school, church, or building.  We never want them to have to tell a New Yorker in need that they don;t have a meal to give because we didn’t give.

Let’s spend all of November, and the year for that matter, with a new found sense of gratefulness for those we hold dear and for our communities at large.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. May your plates and hearts be full.

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