Forest Rego Compost Collective Update


Happy Earth day to our Forest Hills CSA Family!


Today members of our Compost Group went to Randall’s Island and gathered several black plastic bags (donated by Wafa’s Restaurant) with your mulched and chipped Christmas Tree’s and Hannukah Bushes!

image Chloe


CSA member Chloe Bishop donated her time and made arrangements so that we were able to go and collect this resource free of charge. We used our rakes and shovels and went to work and filled my car with as much as we could carry. We made back to Forest Hills and we unloaded our cargo and laid it out at our Feed The Gardens Compost Project’s site at the back of the Church-in-the-Gardens. Javier helped us and snapped these pictures.


I hope you all have a wonderful earth day and remember to keep on being good stewards of mother earth and sign up for the compost classes as soon as we post them. Kids are welcome at the classes but we will have kids’ compost classes as well.


Love the Earth,

Your friends at the

image Carlos n Jeremy
— Carlos

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