Organic Plant Sale

Glendale CSA has invited us to order organic plants from their farm, Garden of Eve.

The one-time delivery is this Saturday May 3.

You can sign up here:

Garden of Eve is also offering potting soil and compost. Right now it’s not online (I may be able to get it on there soon), but you can just email Garden of Evewith your order and you can pay at pick up (be aware these are 10-15 lbs each):

3 cubic foot organic potting soil – what we use in the greenhouse! Made custom for us with 20% compost so it has a lot of fertility for those little seeds getting started. $23 per bag

1.5 cubic foot organic potting soil – Dr. Earth brand. Also a good potting soil that includes compost, in a smaller size. $15/bag

1.5 cubic foot organic compost – Dr. Earth. No weed seeds like the compost you make at home, this is a good base for raised beds or large containers, we use it to put down at the root level so plants have fertility all season as they grow. Can also be used around already-planted shrubs or fruit bushes for fertility. $15/bag


Garden of Eve also has plastic and terracotta pots and planters in sizes 6″ – 16″, saucers, grow boxes, and more, if anyone is looking for something specific ask  and if they have it they will let you know.

For more about the plants they sell see

Garden of Eve Organic Farm & Market


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