Elaine’s Coleslaw

Photograph by Karl Johnsson

Some CSA members have asked me to put the ingredients for my cole slaw on our web site. First thing you must know is that I do not give quantities as I do not measure so you will need to experiment. I vary this somewhat depending on what’s in the box and what I have around.



Shredded/thinly sliced cabbage  (Napa or Savoy are particularly good and sweet but green cabbage works well also)

Shredded carrots (carrots are sweet so you can use more if the cabbage is less sweet)

Finely chopped mild onion – enough to flavor but don’t overdo (scallions, walla walla, mild cipollini, mild red onions – if you are using anything sharp go very easy)

Sweet red peppers and baby salad turnips are among other ingredients you can add if you have them around.



Plain Greek yogurt (nonfat)

Olive oil (extra virgin)


Lemon juice (lime or white wine vinegar if you don’t have lemon around)


Optional – Caraway and/or fennel seeds (or ground if you prefer)

Optional – dill

Optional – parsley


— Elaine Lieberman

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