Interview with a Volunteer — Nate

by Erin Vito

The Forest Hills CSA is completely volunteer run, and every member is required to donate the equivalent of 6 hours over the course of the main CSA season to remain a member in good standing. The majority of members volunteer at weekly distribution shifts, but there are more than enough jobs to go around. Here’s a little insight into the distribution volunteer shift, from an experienced member. For more info on other volunteer opportunities and requirements for CSA members, visit Volunteer FAQ page.

How long have you been a member of FHCSA?
I’ve been a member for seven years.

How long have you been working distribution?
Since the beginning. I used to do the late shift but now I do the early shift. I bring my kids with me.
You figure it out quickly and everyone is really nice and friendly. And the members know what they are doing, so If you don’t know something, there is someone who knows. I recognize people coming in, which is fun.

What do you like about helping distribute the CSA shares?
It’s nice getting to see every body and it’s nice seeing continuity from year to year. Plus, I learn different ways to prepare CSA vegetables from members, like kohlrabi fritters.
To make kohlrabi fritters, you mix shredded kohlrabi and shredded carrots with garbanzo bean flour and egg and/or a little water. Then you fry them in oil.

About how many boxes are left at the end of the night?
Usually about 4-5 shares aren’t picked up each week. Uncollected boxes are donated to a shelter. That’s another job.

What is the busiest time of the shift?
The busiest time is right when we open, from 4:15-5pm.

What is the slowest time of the shift?
Towards the end—7:30-8pm—is the slowest. It reminds me of working in a restaurant and getting everything done at the end of the night. That reminds me, I should sweep the floor…

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