Healthy Tasty Ways To Make Use Of Produce You Don’t Normally Like Part 2 (*OR* how to cook produce that you get so much of that you don’t know what to do with it)

So last month I blogged on how to use that produce in your CSA share that you normally don’t like or you get so much of your stressed about using it before it goes bad by juicing. This month I am addressing the same topic with soup making. Most veggies have a softer flavor when you cook them. This definitely holds true for fennel and radishes, which are two veggies I do not care for raw at all. But I find they have a much more pleasant taste when cooked. I have found I even actually love the taste of radishes cooked in a soup. Soup is also a great way to preserve veggies that you know you could not possibly eat in a week since you can put it in the freezer when you are done preparing it. It is also a great way to stick to your healthy eating plan on days when you just don’t have time to cook anything. Just grab one of your pre made soups out of the freezer instead of speed dialing the pizza guy. The soup recipe I would like to share, I got from Dr. Mark Hyman who was featured in the Fed-Up Movie (a documentary on how sugar is causing obesity and disease in America today) and treats his patients’ diseases with proper eating. This recipe specifically, I got from his 10 day sugar cleanse diet and it is very healthy and delicious. We seem to get a lot of bok choy in our shares and this soup is a great way to use it. It is also a tasty way to cook radishes. You can substitute more bok choy for the spinach if you have a ton of it like I did the last time we got bok choy. And tofu can be substituted for the beef if you are vegetarian but I recommend adding extra coconut oil to fry it in so you get a nice fatty flavorful broth.

Miso Soup With Beef Bok Choy

2 tablespoons olive oil or coconut oil
1/4 cup ginger peeled and thinly sliced
6 cloves garlic, thinly sliced
16 ounces grass fed ground beef (bison is fine)
6 cups water
2 cups daikon radishes, sliced into half moons(water melon radishes are just as good to)
2 cups baby bok choy, thinly sliced lengthwise
1 cup dried seaweed
2 cups spinach
1/2 cup sweet miso, gluten free
pinch of cayenne pepper to taste (optional)
1/4 cup low-sodium, gluten free tamari (I like to use the brags amino liquids)
1 serrano chili diced, seeds removed

1. Heat a large saucepan on medium-high heat and add oil. When oil is hot, sauté ginger and garlic until soft, about 1-2 minutes.

2. Add ground beef and sauté until golden brown, about 5-7 minutes

3. Add water and daikon radish. Simmer until tender, about 2-3 minutes, then add bok choy

4. Reduce to very low heat and add the seaweed and spinach.

5. Add miso, cayenne pepper, tamari and chili if using.

6. Divide among 4 bowls and serve

Serving suggestion: Enjoy with a large green salad or steamed broccoli.


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