Main Season 2017 CSA – Week # 24 – Distribution for 11/14/17

CSA 2017 – WEEK #24

November 6, 2017

This is the second to last box of the season!  Next week is the final week of CSA.  We’re sad that the season is ending, but happy to get a much-needed break and start preparing for next season!  There’s a lot to do around the farm during the winter months, from bookkeeping to tractor maintenance, crop planning and more!  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with farm happenings all winter long….

End of CSA Season…Mark Your Calendars
Our program runs through week #25, which is the week before Thanksgiving.  Tuesday Queens groups and Astoria CSA will receive a make-up delivery the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  (Please note that this make-up delivery is for Queens sites only.)

WINTER CSA – Sign-up for Long Island members online NOW!  
We’re now accepting online applications for our CSA Winter Share.  Four monthly deliveries, December through March.  Sign up here…

CSA RENEWALS FOR 2018 – Coming in November!  
Renewing members receive priority sign-up for our 2018 CSA season.  New this year!  Online payment with credit card or direct deposit.  Save time & hassle!  We’ll be sending out renewal reminders beginning in November, so stay tuned.

FRASER FIR CHRISTMAS TREES – From our sister farm in Vermont!  
We’ll be sending out a separate e-mail with more information soon.  In short, we will be offering pre-ordered, fresh-cut Fraser Fir Christmas Trees & Wreathes for pick-up at the farm in Jamesport this December.  The trees are grown at our sister farm in Springfield, Vermont by our VT farm crew without the use of any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides on land that is currently being transitioned to organic production.  Stay tuned for more details!

JOIN THE CSA MEMBER GROUP!   Please share your Recipes, Cooking Tips & other ideas for getting the most out of your CSA on our FACEBOOK CSA MEMBERS PAGE!  (It’s a private group.)


Fennel – I’ve been watching the feathery leaves on this fennel out in the field for the past two months.  Its bulb has finally grown big enough to harvest!  Here’s how to prepare fennel…
Storage: In an airtight (plastic) bag in the refrigerator. Uses: Raw/Cooked When to use: Within 5 days.

Carrots – Sweet, crunchy carrots.  This is a variety called Mokum.  We think it’s the best variety!  Remove the tops for best storage.
Storage: In an airtight (plastic) bag in the refrigerator. Uses: Raw/Cooked. When to use: Within a week.

Rutabaga – A cold weather favorite, I know that many of you wait all season for these.  The rutabaga oven fries recipe below is a winner.  Also fabulous mashed like mashed potatoes.
Storage: In an airtight (plastic) bag in the refrigerator. Uses: Cooked.. When to use: Within 5 days.

Cabbage – We have a few different types of cabbage to harvest this week, so your variety will change depending on your pick-up day.  I’m going to be making a hearty minestrone with cabbage this week as well as a cabbage, red onion and orange salad.  Both are great uses for this versatile and SUPER healthy veg!
Storage: In an airtight (plastic) bag in the refrigerator. Uses: Raw/Cooked. When to use: Within 5 days.

Baby Red Kale – Perfect size for raw kale salads.  It’s extremely tender and you may want to snap off the lower stem so just the leaves are in your salad.  Farmer Matt is pickier than I am about eating the stems…  I promised him I would offer his suggestion!  🙂
Storage: In an airtight (plastic) bag in the refrigerator. Uses: Raw When to use: Within 3 days.

Swiss chard –  Wonderful in fall stews…try the recipe below for a Greek flavored dish!
Storage: In an airtight (plastic) bag in the refrigerator. Uses: Cooked When to use: Within 3 days.

White Potatoes –  These are THE BEST variety for mashed potatoes.  Light and creamy when whipped.
Storage: In a cool, dry, DARK place. Uses: Cooked When to use: Within 2 weeks.

Please remember just one bag per fruit share member.
1 mixed bag of mixed Fuji & Jonagold Apples
(for fruit share members ONLY)


Braised Fennel
Stewed Swiss chard with Tomatoes, Mint & Fennel
Fennel Mashed Potatoes
Rutabaga Oven Fries
Pureed Rutabaga with Pan-Fried Leeks

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