2019 Season Preview


The contract was sent to returning members on Friday, March 15th.

It will be emailed to prospective new members on Friday, March 29th.

Summary of the 2019 season shares:

VEG SHARES – 25 weeks – $550

FRUIT SHARES – 14 weeks – $92, from Briermere Farm

Admin. Fee –  $30

We will again be having Lewis Waite Farm only members

Do note the following changes:

1 – Subsidized shares: Low and middle income shares will be accepted only as we have full-paying members to support them. So, we ask low and middle income members to sign up, but they will only receive an invoice when we can afford their subsidized share.

2 – Payment: Once you recieve your invoice, you will need to pay within 2 weeks. That means, I need your check in my hand within 2 weeks (you can hand it to my doorman)  or your PayPal payment needs to have at least been initiated. If you know at the time that you sign up that you need more time to pay, I need to hear from you (via email, call or text) within 24 hours of you completing the contract so we can discuss your situation.

3 – Volunteering: All members volunteer. We will probably be able to keep the volunteering hours at 6. As always, we can’t commit to the exact number volunteering hours needed until we know how many members we have.

Tuesdays, 4-8 pm
June 4th through November 19th, 2018
the Church-in-the-Gardens,
50 Ascan Avenue in Forest Hills

To get a better idea of what is in a share you can view the harvest schedule and also read last season’s farm newsletters.

I will be making up the contract and payment links as soon as I can.

Thanks for your understanding and patience!

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For the FHCSA Core Group

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