Registration for 2021 Season Closes 5/10

PLEASE REGISTER NOW- Registration will be closed on 5/10/2021

We hope you join us for the 2021 season! All information on how to sign up is here, followed by a link to the sign-up form and the contract.

Tuesdays, 4-8 pm
June 1st through November 16th, 2021, 25 weeks. 
The Church-in-the-Gardens,
50 Ascan Avenue in Forest Hills.


25 weeks – $623 plus PayPal fees (GEOF gets $623). NOFA certified organic. 
Produce is picked fresh from the farm fields the day before distribution, boxed up, and delivered to us. This share contains 6 to 10 vegetables each week, depending on the season and availability. The share typically feeds a family of 3-4, but we have anywhere from 1 to 8 members who eat one share. Want to learn more about what is in the share? Look at the harvest calendar, and read previous season newsletters. Read vegetable guides and recipes to learn how to store and cook the vegetables in your share. Want to learn more about our farm? Read about their history and farming practices.

Total for one vegetable share + $10 admin fee  + PayPal fee  = $652.21Total for one vegetable share + fruit share + $10 admin fee + PayPal fee = $757.26

Half shares
We do not offer half shares, but you are welcome to split a share with someone.
If you feel that one share is too much for you or your family, we encourage you to find someone who can split it with you. Our recommendation is that share partners alternate picking up the full share every other week. If you prefer to divide each week’s share in half, we ask that you do so at home and have one person pick up the whole share, as we do not have the room to keep half shares at distribution. If you do not know anyone to share with, you may post on our Facebook page to find someone. For members splitting a share, all members involved in splitting the share are responsible for the share’s volunteering obligation. Adults splitting a share are jointly responsible for completing all volunteering hours.

MIDDLE-INCOME SHARES – FHCSA gets $467.25 towards the full share price (GEOF gets $623)Total for one Middle-Income vegetable share + $10 admin fee + PayPal fees = $491.81Total for one Middle-Income vegetable share + one fruit share + $10 admin fee + PayPal fees = $596.86.LOW-INCOME SHARES –  FHCSA gets $311.50 towards the full share price(GEOF gets $623)Total for one Low-Income vegetable share + the administrative fee + PayPal fees = $331.41Total for one Low-Income vegetable share + the administrative fee + PayPal fees = $436.46
Please see the chart below for income guidelines and note that they are for total PRE-TAX income (not take-home pay) and are subsidized by your fellow CSA members. 

Low and middle-income shares are given out on an as-needed basis to the extent that we can subsidize them. Family size and income are calculated by the number of people eating the share (whether or not they are related) and those people’s total pre-tax income from all sources, not just salary. Subsidized shares are given out on the honor system, although the core group reserves the right to request supporting documents.
Family Size – Middle Income Share, Low Income Share:
1 –                <$32,000,                   <$20,000
2 –                <$44,000,                   <$27,000
3 –                <$55,000,                   <$34,000
4 –                <$66,000,                   <$41,000
5 –                <$77,000,                  <$48,000
6 –                <$88,000,                   <$55,000

As we did last year, low and middle-income shares will be accepted only as we have full-paying members to support them. We ask low and middle-income members to sign up on the waitlist, and they will receive an invoice when we can afford their subsidized share.

14 weeks – $102 plus PayPal fees (GEOF gets $102 to pay Briermere) 
This is a tree fruit share only.  Peaches, Apples & Pears. Conventional, Integrated Pest Management, Briermere Farm. Read more here.
Our fruit share distribution is not a traditional CSA share-of-the-harvest model but is based on the Spend-Down Method. With the Spend-Down Method, CSA members pay a set amount of money at the beginning of the season. When the fruit starts to come into season (around the first week of July), the fruit farm starts giving a reasonable weekly quantity of fruit. This may be 1 or 2 portions, depending on what’s ripe for harvesting. The fruit farmer continues to deliver fruit until the original payment is spent down. This is what Briermere farm prefers. 3-4 lb bag of fruit per week.
Although there usually is strawberry picking at the farm in June, due to COVID it may be cancelled.

Fruit-Only Members
We have a limited number of members who only have one or two fruit shares. You are welcome to only sign up for a fruit share, keeping in mind that the membership fee is per contract, and the 6 (or more) hour volunteer requirement applies to fruit-only members, as well. Total for one vegetable share + fruit share + $10 admin fee + PayPal fee: $757.26Total for one Fruit Share + $10 admin fee + PayPal fee: $115.65

LEWIS WAITE FARM CSA EXTRAS – pay LWF directly for your order, both shares and à la carte ordering available. Ordering, payment, and deliveries are all during the season. Deliveries once or twice a month. All members with a vegetable or fruit share may order from the LWF Network. You also have the option to be an LWF-only member and not have another share. See below for more information.  Run by Alan and Nancy Brown, of Lewis Waite Farm. They partner with several other farms and small family-run businesses in upstate New York and Vermont to offer a wide array of products fresh from small farms. All FHCSA members will receive regular emails from LWF during the season with ordering information. Read more here.
Lewis Waite Farm Network-Only Members
We have a limited number of only orders from LWFN and do not get a vegetable or fruit shares. You are welcome to only sign up for LWF ordering, keeping in mind that the $10 member fee is per contract, and the 6-hour volunteer requirement applies to LWFN-only members as well. If you only want to order from LWFN, complete the contract with your contact information, check off no vegetable share, no fruit share, and check that you commit to volunteering, paying the member fee, reading the Member Agreement, and committing to it. Members with vegetable or fruit shares do not need to commit to ordering from LWF and may order anytime during the season.

ADMINISTRATIVE FEE – $10  to pay for administrative/operating/mixed-income subsidy costs

The administrative and operating fees are for JustFood Network membership, payment to the church for the pre-season room rental (which we have chosen to donate to the church the fees we paid pre-pandemic as a thank you for hosting us), mailing of checks to GEOF via certified mail, and miscellaneous expenses as they come up such as clipboards, pens, and COVID cleaning supplies.

Payment is via PayPal this year. PayPal Business Payments, which we used for the past few years, is no longer offered by PayPal. Members without a PayPal account can pay with a credit card via PayPal. The PayPal transaction fee is added to the share price, so our farmers get their full share price.  

Once you receive your invoice, you need to pay within 2 weeks. If you know at the time of signing up that you need more time to pay, I need to hear from you (via email, call, or text)as soon as possible after you complete the contract so we can discuss your situation.

Your invoice will come from “Forest Hills CSA,” and the title of the email will be “Invoice from Forest Hills CSA (2021).” It may go in your updates folder if you have one. 

Explanation of PayPal fees: 
PayPal charges2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction. Totals on invoices are calculated so that the balance after fees is correct. Since PayPal fees are based on both a percentage (2.9%) to which a fixed amount is added (30 cents), a precise fixed charge per share can not be given. For example:Vegetable share ($623) + $10 admin fee = $633 total needed, to get $633 after PayPal fees = $652.21

The calculations are:
2.9% of $652.21 is $18.91
$652.21 -18.91-.30= $633

Our CSA is entirely volunteer-run. All members are required to volunteer. All members need to sign-up for volunteering hours once registration is closed. We estimate that members will need to volunteer 6 hours for the season. As always, we can’t commit to the exact number of volunteering hours needed until we know how many members we have. There are NO backups!

Shifts valued as follows:
Distribution: 3 hours
Surplus Delivery: 1.5 hours
Volunteering Requirement: probably 6 hours.

6 hours = 2 distribution shifts, 4 surplus delivery shifts, or a combination.

Remember, there are NO backups! We thank you in advance for taking your volunteering commitment seriously.
For now, the same Covid-related precautions are still planned to be in place:distribution will be outside on two tablesmasks must be worn (since valved masks do not protect other people, they are not allowed and do not fulfill the requirement!)clean your hands with the provided alcohol-based sanitizer before touching anything elseonly volunteers are allowed inside the breezewayanyone who enters the breezeway must sign the church list (for potential contact-tracing)

I commit to membership in the Forest Hills Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program for the 2021 harvest season, which lasts for 25 weeks.SharesI agree that while Golden Earthworm Organic Farm and Briermere Farm will act in good faith to provide fresh produce, there is no guarantee of quantities or contents of shares. I understand and accept that I share both the risks and the benefits of the harvest, and as such, can not be guaranteed any specific vegetable or fruit as part of my share.I understand that all vegetable boxes delivered in a given week are the same or as close to the same as possible.Member Responsibilities I understand it is my responsibility to adhere to all COVID related rules set forth by the FHCSA and The Church-in-the-GardensI understand that it is my responsibility to read the Members’ Handbook in its entirety before the season begins to understand how distribution and the CSA works and any changes from prior years. The Members’ Handbook will be emailed before the season starts.I understand that this is an all-volunteer CSA, and it is my responsibility to sign up for volunteer slots on SignUpGenius or arrange for other approved duties. I will sign up for the total volunteer hours (which will probably be 6 hours but might be less or more).If I desire non-distribution volunteering, I will email and make a detailed proposal to the core group within one week of signing-up for my share.  If I do not do so, I understand that it will be assumed that I wish to volunteer at the distribution site and can make the scheduled times.I understand that if I split a share, one member needs to pick up the whole share (I may not keep half a share at distribution) and that volunteering requirements are the responsibility of all adult members who split the share.I understand that I may have a friend or relative pick up my share if I can not make it, and I will explain to them what they need to know to pick up my share(s)I understand that if I do not pick up my share during distribution, it will be donated appropriately; I do not expect to have my share saved.I agree to keep my membership account information up to date and promptly notify of any changes.I understand that the CSA’s primary means of communication is via email, and I will read FHCSA emails and respond appropriately.If I sign up for a low or middle-income share, my family/ies truthfully meet/s the income guidelines.I understand that I am only a member once my full payment is received. Payments, Refunds & CancellationsRequests for refunds by a member before the first day of the CSA harvest season will be issued a full refund, less a $20.00 administrative processing fee and PayPal fees. During this period, cancellation by the farm will dictate a full refund to the member for the share price paid. From the first day of the CSA harvest season on, we can not refund your share as we have already paid our farmers and are counting on your volunteering. The Core Group will try to help you find someone from our wait-list who would buy your share. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to sell your share, if you desire, and notify the Core Group of the new CSA member(s). Cancellation by the farm during the season will dictate a pro-rated refund to the member for the remaining weeks of unclaimed produce.I will pay within 2 weeks.  If I know when I sign up that I need more time to pay, I will contact Marina (via email, phone, or text) within 24 hours of my completing the contract so we can discuss my situation.

Please click here to complete the contract and sign up for shares.