Our Farmers Don’t Hide Their Dirt!

This news comes straight from the SlowFoodUSA Website.
Please lend your support to help this extremely important cause.

– The Coregroup


OUTRAGEOUS! New York has quietly joined the list of states that are considering legislation to make it a crime to photograph a farm. Legislators are justifying these measures by saying that whistle-blowing photos undermine consumer confidence in American farms. What undermines our confidence is a system that helps bad farming practices remain hidden.


Your actions have helped block bills in two states. But now we need 15,000 more signatures in the next 48 hours to increase pressure on legislators in New York and Iowa. Can you share the petition with your friends?

We need to show our legislators that people (besides the Big Ag lobbyists who visit their offices) care about farmers. Our vocal opposition has helped take down the laws in Minnesota and Florida, but we need your help in the next 48 hours to put the Iowa and New York bills to rest. We’re delivering these petitions to key legislators in Iowa and New York on Thursday and with your help we can overwhelm them with a stack of 50,000 signatures.

Photographs do more than reveal the things that need to change about our food system — they also help us celebrate what’s good about it. Every eater deserves food to be proud of, and the ability to share that experience with friends and loved ones.

Get your friends to join us in telling legislators that we deserve to know the story behind our food. »

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Everyone’s voice is important because these laws set precedents that could travel nationwide. But people in New York and Iowa have an even greater pull on their state lawmakers. If you know people in those states, be sure to reach out to them specifically.

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