Hummus to Humus: Food Harvests and Compost

Tired of throwing away your Vegetable Trimmings & Scraps?

Turn them into Nutritious Soil for your Own Garden!!!

You can do it in your KITCHEN or BACKYARD!!!

Hummus to Humus: Food Harvests and Compost

Wednesday, July 13 ·  6 to 8 pm

Queens Botanical Garden · 43-50 Main Street, Flushing, NY

718.539.5296 ·


Come learn about the connections between plants, food production, and composting.  We’ll go from making tasty hummus made from chickpeas, to humus–a dark material formed from decomposition.  Learn how to responsibly dispose of your cooking leftovers by composting them.  This class covers the essentials of indoor worm bins and backyard composting. Registration required; $5 workshop fee. Wanna learn more?  Visit:

***To sign up please email Richard Akalski: Please include your full name, the number of people in your group attending, and your primary email address.  There are only 30 spots available and they will be filled on a first come first served basis!!!!***


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