July 30, 2013 Share List

July 30, 2013 Share List

Vegetable Share:
– zucchini (1 piece)
– parsley (1 bunch)
– lettuce (2 heads)
– baby watermelon (1 piece)
– red onions (1 bunch)
– red or yellow potatoes (1 qt)
– cucumbers (1-2 pieces)
– basil (1 bunch)

Fruit Share:
– white peaches (1 bag)

Herb Share:
– mint (1 bunch)
– rosemary (1 bunch)

A note about the melons…
Our harvests are yielding some beautiful summer crops, including watermelons for most members this week. Be sure to refrigerate them immediate and eat them right away. Our melons don’t usually travel too well and if you find that yours has split, check inside to see if it is still ok – and if it is – eat it! Slight cracks to the rind are mostly cosmetic and don’t effect the flesh. (In past years some members tossed their melons because of a split rind without checking inside to see if it was still good. We don’t grow enough melons to replace many, so please be sure that you’re not throwing out a perfectly good melon!) Of course if your melon has spoiled, please let us know!

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