Main Season 2018 CSA – Week # 16 – Distribution for 09/11/18

CSA 2018 – WEEK #16

September 10, 2018

This week brings more tomatoes, beautiful Yukon Gold potatoes and the final cutting of our garlic harvest.  You’ll see some repeat items as we hit a “lull” in our harvest before the fall weather crops really come in. We’re also experiencing a bit of a lag due to the wet weather earlier in the summer and some germination issues in our hot summer greenhouses.  However, we have so much in the fields that will be ready to harvest very soon!  In the coming weeks you can expect to see winter squash (acorn and butternut varieties), cabbage, turnips, arugula and much more!

SAVE THE DATE!  Our CSA Harvest Festival will take place on Sunday, October 14th from 11am-3pm.  All CSA Members and their guests are invited to the farm in Riverhead to tour the fields, see tractor and field work demonstrations, listen to live music, watch cooking demonstrations and enjoy a peaceful day on the farm!  More details to come, but we hope you’ll join us.  It’s always a great day!


*Please note that this week we have a limited harvest of crops due to the lag from wet weather this summer that kept us from getting our plantings in on time.  Please know that we have a lot of wonderful crops growing in the fields and they will be in your shares very soon!  Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work with Mother Nature to feed you well! 

Red Tomatoes – The secret to a good tomato is letting it ripen!  This variety needs to sit out on your counter (in a dry spot) until the flesh turns a deep red all over.  Then eat.  DO NOT REFRIGERATE TOMATOES!  It will cause the flesh to become mealy and the flavor to disappear.
Storage: On the counter.  Uses: Raw/Cooked  When to use: When they are a deep red all over.

Garlic – This garlic has been hanging to dry in our barn since we harvested it in July.
Storage: On the counter.  Uses: Raw/Cooked  When to use: Within 3 weeks.

Yukon Gold Potatoes – Waxy with yellow flesh. Perfect for salads and roasting,
Storage: In a cool, dark spot. Uses: Cooked  When to use: Within 2 weeks.

Long Green Frying Peppers – These are great in salads, stuffed or sautéed with onions.  Very versatile!  We harvest some in their green stage, and others we leave on the plant until they turn red.
Storage: In airtight storage in the refrigerator. Uses: Raw/Cooked When to use: Within 5 days.

Swiss chard – This beautiful green is back!  We’ve been enjoying chard frittatas which are perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Storage: In airtight storage in the refrigerator. Uses: Cooked When to use: Within 5 days.
Romaine Lettuce – Crunchy and flavorful for summertime salads.
Storage: In airtight storage in the refrigerator. Uses: Raw When to use: Within 3 days.

BRIERMERE FARM FRUIT SHARE: Gala Apples and Bartlett Pears


Crispy Garlic Yukon Gold Potatoes
Simple Italian Frying Peppers and Eggs
Romaine Salads from Food + Wine

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