Main Season 2018 CSA – Week # 17 – Distribution for 09/18/18

CSA 2018 – WEEK #17

September 17, 2018

What a wonderful fall box we have for you this week! Tender baby arugula, deeply-flavored winter squash and crispy green cabbage. What delicious meals are you going to make with this week’s share?

SAVE THE DATE!  Our CSA Harvest Festival will take place on Sunday, October 14th from 11am-3pm.  All CSA Members and their guests are invited to the farm in Riverhead to tour the fields, see tractor and field work demonstrations, listen to live music, watch cooking demonstrations and enjoy a peaceful day on the farm!  More details to come, but we hope you’ll join us.  It’s always a great day!


Baby Arugula – This is super baby sized! And appropriately tender so don’t over-dress it!
Storage: In airtight storage in the refrigerator. Uses: Raw When to use: Within 3 days.

Parsley – Soups just aren’t the same without chopped parsley, so if you don’t have plans for this bunch this week, just wash it, chop it, and stick it in an airtight container in the freezer. (I use a ziplock with success.). Throw a handful in your soups all fall and winter to add bright flavor and color.
Storage: In airtight storage in the refrigerator. Uses: Raw When to use: Within 3 days.

Green Cabbage – I’ve been missing cabbage. This time of year we love stuffed cabbage recipes. Also great in soup, chopped in coleslaw salads or just eaten in wedges for snacks.
Storage: In airtight storage in the refrigerator. Uses: Raw/Cooked When to use: Within 10 days.

Acorn Squash – For the first time, we have partnered with a farmer friend (who grows high quality Certified Organic produce like us) in Massachusetts to grow these beautiful acorn squash for you. We are maxed out of land here on Long Island and we want to allow some of our farmland to rest instead of planting it intensively all season long. In typical CSA fashion, we forwarded money to him at the beginning of the season and he grew these just for us. Lucky us! We may consider purchasing more crops from him in future years to help round out our shares and allow us to farm in a less-intensive way that is more sustainable for the soil and our environment.
Storage: On the counter. Uses: Cooked When to use: Within 5 days.

Red Tomato – Our tomatoes are on the decline now. You can expect to see them just a few more times in the shares. It’s been a good run!
Storage: On the counter.  Uses: Raw/Cooked  When to use: When they are a deep red all over.

Romaine Lettuce – Crunchy and flavorful for summertime salads.
Storage: In airtight storage in the refrigerator. Uses: Raw When to use: Within 3 days.

BRIERMERE FARM FRUIT SHARE: Yellow Nectarines & Gala Apples


Ina Garten Stuffed Cabbage
Vegetarian Stuffed Cabbage
Maple Roasted Acorn Squash
Parmesan Roasted Acorn Squash

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