What’s in the Box 9/6/16

CSA Week #15 – September 6-9
Every Monday afternoon, Leah (one of our superstar farm employees) sends me a text message when she’s finished making me a CSA box to photograph for the week.  It’s usually ready by about 4pm, so I hike over the barn, open the box and figure out how to fit everything into my favorite flat-bottomed basket.  This week when I opened the box I had to laugh…because staring right back at me was an enormous bunch of swiss chard!  I know what you’re thinking….HELP!  I immediately called my dear husband, your farmer Matt, to asked him why on earth there is swiss chard in the box again this week!  I mean, come on!  I just finished telling people that we’re aiming to reduce the swiss chard appearances in the shares next year.  He’s making me look bad!  He assured me that after this week we’ll be moving on to other fall greens… Should we believe him?  I’m sharing a ton of new swiss chard recipes this week — see below.  Hey, our family eats from the box every week right along with you.  The kids needs something new to try, so I think I’m going for the frittata.  How about you?  Share your reicpes on our new Facebook Members Page! 

SAVE THE DATE!  Our annual CSA Harvest Festival will take place at the farm in Riverhead on Sunday, October 16th from 11am-3pm.  It’s open to all CSA members and their guests!  Farm tours, Q&A with your farmers, cooking demonstrations, kids activities, live music.  It’s a really lovely day of farm fun and an opportunity for you to see where we grow your food and connect with other members. Stay tuned for more details coming soon…
Red Beefsteak TomatoesThe plants are still producing, but we’ve noticed that they are definitely slowing down.  They must feel the chill in the air…
Storage: On the counter until they are a deep red.  At that point, eat them right away or if you must, put them in the refrigerator. Uses:Raw/Cooked  When to use: Right away when deep red.

Saladette/Cocktail Tomatoes/Cherry TomatoesWe’re rotating through the small tomatoes so that everyone will receive either cherry tomatoes or cocktail size tomatoes over the next few weeks.  These little tomatoes take A LONG TIME to harvest by hand, so we need to space out their harvest when we have time in our schedule.  Thanks for your patience!
Storage: On the counter until they are a deep red/yell0w/orange.  At that point, eat them right away or if you must, put them in the refrigerator. Uses: Raw/Cooked  When to use: Right away when deep colors.

Lettuce Red or Green Batavian variety. Crunchy and sweet!
Storage: In an airtight (plastic) bag in the refrigerator. Uses: Raw  When to use: Within 5 days. 

Swiss Chard Tons of recipes to keep it exciting below….
Storage: In an airtight (plastic) bag in the refrigerator. Uses: Raw  When to use: Within 5 days. 

Red & Yellow Storage Onions – These will hold up well if you store them properly.  Perfect for everything!  Cooked or sliced in salads.
Storage: In a cool, dry place. Not in plastic – store in paper bags if you must. They need air flow! Uses: Cooked/Raw  When to use:Within a month.

Red Beets – DO NOT DISCARD THE TOPS!  They are best part!  The beet tops (or beet greens) are a vegetable all on their own.  They can be cooked like spinach, chard or any other green.  Just rip off the stems and store the tops and the bottoms separately.  They’ll last longer that way.  How to cook the beet roots?  The easiest way is to boil them until tender – then slip off the skins once they’ve cooled down and you’re ready to use them any which way.
Storage: Store the tops and the beet roots separately in an airtight (plastic) bag in the refrigerator. Uses: Raw/Cooked  When to use:Within 5 days. 

Zucchini/Summer Squash
Storage: In an airtight (plastic) bag in the refrigerator. Uses: Raw or Cooked, Baked When to use: Within 5 days. 

FRUIT SHARE – 1 mixed bag Peaches & Nectarines


Swiss Chard, Onion & Cheese Frittata
Curried Zucchini & Swiss Chard – Emilie of the Clever Carrot
Roasted Sausage, Swiss Chard & Cannellini Beans
Moroccan Red Lentil Soup with Swiss Chard
Garlic Beet Greens
Roasted Beets with Thyme

Bon appetit! xoMaggie

At the Farmers’ Market

As a separate program from our CSA, we grow produce for 3 farmers’ markets on Long Island.  Our CSA members are often our best customers at the market, so please stop by and say “hello”!

Islip – Saturdays 7am-12am
Port Washington – Saturdays 8am-12pm
Huntington – Sundays 7am-12pm

Click here for maps & directions to the markets.

3 thoughts on “What’s in the Box 9/6/16

  1. I love swiss chard in every box! It gets cooked and then made into a frittata along with those great onions and dollops of mascarpone cheese


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