Warm Beet and Pancetta Salad

3 large Beets

6 Pieces of medium thick sliced Pancetta or Bacon (with good fat marbling)

1 Bunch Swiss Chard, thoroughly rinsed and cut into 1” strips

½ – 1 Cup frozen Peas (to taste)

¾ Cup Fetta (I like Greek) crumbled

S & P to taste

• In the smallest sauce pan you can fit them into, use just enough water to barely

cover Beets, cover and bring to a boil, then simmer till soft when poked w/ a

fork, about 30 minutes. Remove from liquid and cool. When cool enough to

handle remove skins and chop into ¾” cubes.

• In a large frying pan, over medium heat, fry 6 pieces of pancetta till golden

brown. Remove to paper towel. When cool crush or chop the pancetta in to

medium/small bits.

• Add the Beets and Swiss Chard to the pan (with the fat still in it) that you cooked

the Pancetta in. Toss a few times to mix well, add S & P, cover and cook for

about 5 minutes on medium heat, tossing occasionally.

• Add Peas and crumbled Pancetta, toss to mix well, cover and cook for about

another 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.

• Sprinkle w/ Fetta and let sit, covered, w/ the heat off for about 10 -15 minutes to

allow the flavors to marry.

* Notes:

I recently doubled this recipe and used, w/ 6 Beets, 1 bunch of Swiss Chard and the

Greens from the Beets instead of 2 bunches of Chard. Also, if you are pregnant and can

not eat raw cheese add the Fetta in when you add the Peas and Pancetta and let it cook

for those 5 minutes – it will melt into the dish and make it creamier than if you just

sprinkle it on at the end. This dish is SUPER easy and the longer the flavors marry the

better it is, makes great leftovers when warmed up the next day.

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